• Public lecture: SMU Meadows School of the Arts- Wednesday January 24th 7 pm

    Public lecture: SMU Meadows School of the Arts- Wednesday January 24th 7 pm
  • Wonder Dawn- Pollock Gallery at Meadows School of Art SMU January 22-March 15

    Wonder Dawn- Pollock Gallery at Meadows School of Art SMU January 22-March 15

    Wonder Dawn
    Jan 24- March 1 2024
    Pollock Gallery- SMU Meadows School of Art

    Opening Friday Jan 26 5-7


  • LA Louver: The Flower Show-- June 8 through September 1 2023

    La Louver:
    The Flower Show--
    June 8 through September 1 2023


    Terry Allen
    Tony Berlant
    Pancrace Bessa
    Mary Beyt
    Édouard Boubat
    Rebecca Campbell
    Paul Caponigro
    Nick Cave
    Dale Chihuly
    Eileen Cowin
    Petah Coyne
    Amir H. Fallah
    Gajin Fujita
    Charles Garabedian
    Yvette Gellis
    Luis González Palma
    Penelope Gottlieb
    Glenn Hardy Jr.
    David Hockney
    Dion Johnson
    Flora Kao
    Rachel Lachowicz
    Birdie Lusch
    Heather Gwen Martin
    Patrick Martinez
    Enrique Martínez Celaya
    Tony Matelli
    Henri Matisse
    Thom Mayne
    Jacquelyn McBain
    Shaun McCracken
    Lauren Doolin McMillen
    Ana Mendieta
    Adolphe Monticelli
    Jiha Moon
    Kathy Moss
    Stas Orlovski
    Christopher Pate
    Zemer Peled
    Vanessa Prager
    Astrid Preston
    Paula Rösler
    Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin
    Alison Saar
    Tsherin Sherpa
    Raychael Stine
    Don Suggs
    Jennifer Vanderpool
    Matt Wedel
    Faith Wilding
    Tom Wudl


  • My Pet Ram, Santa Barbara CA--Now you Don't: Anders Lindseth and Raychael Stine 2023

    My Pet Ram
    Santa Barbara

    Now you don't
    Anders Lindseth and Raychael Stine
    February 3 - April 10 2023


  • Eugene Binder Gallery, Marfa TX- 2023 winter and summer exhibitions

    Summer exhibition:

    Jeff Elrod
    Johnathan Lasker
    John Pomara
    Raychael Stine

    at Eugene Binder, Marfa TX

    Vision Pool--

    Raychael Stine
    John Pomara
    Liz Tropser

    At Eugene Binder, Marfa TX
    December 8 2022 through summer 2023

  • Backlog updates- 2022 group shows NADA NYC 2022 with 5 Car Garage/ Emma Gray HQ

    Pier 36
    May 4 - 8 2022
    Booth 3.06 Emma Gray HQ/ 5 car Garage
    Raychael Stine and Leena Similu

    Dairy Arts Center:
    Traveling Exhibition
    July 22 - September 7 2022

    Adventure painters of the Southwest:

    Flower Shop @ smoke the moon
    March 11 - April 11 2022

    Richard Levy Gallery
    Another World
    January 19 - March 25th 2022


  • HEDON EDEN at 5 Car Garage- April 23rd 2021-May 31st 2021

    HEDON EDEN at 5 Car Garage- April 23rd 2021-May 31st 2021

    Five Car Garage is thrilled to present HEDON EDEN, the first solo exhibition by gallery artist New Mexico based painter Raychael Stine.
    Hedon Eden is an homage to the ecstatic blooming and sensual growth of the self. The kind of transformation that ‘Spring’ expresses so precisely herself, after she has been so tightly coiled in a bud, after a long, dark and impossible winter.
    Rendered through exuberant abstractions with varied applications of paint, this new body of work comprises both of Stine’s “Vision” and “Jammer” paintings which synthesize the interplay between the diffuse yet striking aural color and atmosphere of her Vision paintings, and the corporeal and immutable Jammer paintings.
    With her interest in playing within, and pushing against the mechanics of the frame, the work stands firmly simultaneously as representation and abstraction—affirming itself always as an object as well. This dedication to the framing device, abstraction as representation (particularly in regards to landscape), can be found most emphatically within the work of the British artist Howard Hodgkin, whose is best known for his breech of the frame and distilling down the sensory and temporal into Lucious colorful seemly pure abstractions. In her ‘Jammer,’ series Stine, who cites Howard Hodgkin as an influence, adopts a similar approach to her work when it comes to Hodgkin’s ‘frame within a frame,’ construction of paintings. She also embodies a shared joyful use of color and variably textured brush application, but the similarity stops there. Stine sees her work with the frames, more as a threshold, or a portal and a succint gateway for her audience to step through, before fully immersing themselves into her vivaciously built painterly universe.
    Once inside her screen within a screen, the artist’s vocabulary is on full volume, with thick muscular paint confidently slashes across the canvas with ecstatic colors punctuated with spritely petals, rainbows, tromp l’oeil teardrops and ‘secret’ dogs with hidden snouts poking through the brush marks. As Stine successfully brings her viewer into her land, she likes to keep the playful energy going, reminding her lookers of the frame and our larger awareness that they are still on the realm of being inside a picture.
    The tempo is gentler in the ‘Vision’ paintings, where Stine incorporates time, light, and space from memory, from pictures. They mark a transitional space between material and picture, object/image and painting. The ‘Vision’ is a direct nod to the actual processes of vision-focus in the foreground on the subject, and diffuse in the back. It suggests an unclear amount of depth, and it is the in-between depth that Stine is most interested in having us float about in. This transitional and transformative space tends to be the subject of the vision paintings themselves.
    In Hedon Edon, Stine dispenses through her paintings the sensate charges of play and desire, calling up the regenerative power of nature to capture this hedonistic expression, that primates and vegetable/flower forms have no fear or repression in displaying. Everything is in full bloom in this universe and we are invited to the dance.

    “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anias Nin

    B 1981 Cleveland Ohio. Stine’s work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at Art Palace Gallery Houston TX, Richard Levy Gallery, ABQ NM; Eugene Binder Gallery Marfa TX; Marty Walker Gallery Dallas TX, Road Agent Gallery Dallas TX, and group and two person exhibitions at Five Car Garage, Los Angeles CA; Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago IL; Common People in Brooklyn NY, Denise Bibro Gallery in New York NY; D.Berman Gallery in Austin TX; Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas TX; Gallery 400, Leviton A + D Gallery Chicago, and Jekyll and Hyde Gallery in Chicago, Illinois, and others. Her work has been reviewed in KCRW Art Insider LA, Glasstire, New City Chicago, Bad At Sports, Southwest Contemporary, THE magazine, TX Arts and Culture, NY Magazine, Artlies, Houston Chronicle, and others. Stine was selected for New American Paintings Issues 132, 120 and 78 where she was awarded Juror’s Pick, the New Insight Exhibition at Art Chicago, and her work was exhibited in the Texas Biennial 2008. She is a recipient of the Dallas Museum of Art Degoylier Grant, the Stone Award Scholarship at UIC, and the Gendler Fellowship as artist in residence at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art. A two time Joan Mitchell painter and sculptor award nominee, Raychael Stine is currently Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of New Mexico

  • Visions and Structures at 5 Car Garage LA opens Sept 7 2019 -

    Visions and Structures at 5 Car Garage LA opens Sept 7 2019 -

    Visions and Structures

    a two person show with
    Raychael Stine and David MacDonald


    Five Car Garage
    Los Angeles

    Opens Saturday September 7th 2019
    12-4 pm


    please contact Emma Gray for more information and for directions to the gallery-



  • Oneiric Landscapes - 5 Car Garage LA March 23-May 7 2019

    Oneiric Landscapes - 5 Car Garage LA March 23-May 7 2019

    Oneiric Landscapes


    Five Car Garage
    Los Angeles

    with Sara Kathryn Arledge, Trisha Baga, David McDonald, Alexandra Grant, Greg Ito, Jasmine Little, Tahnee Lonsdale, L, Aubrey Ingmar Manson, Max Maslansky, David McDonald, Alan Prazniak, Raychael Stine and Flora Wiegmann.

    Opens Saturday March 23 12- 3
    and runs through May 7 2019



  • a river is a river, not a line

    a river is a river not a line

    Solo exhibition-
    Opens April 20th and runs through May 25th
    with a reception May 12th
    6-8 pm

    at Richard Levy Galery

    514 Central Ave SW
    ABQ NM 87102



  • River Jammers with DEASIL and Barry Whistler

    Raychael Stine
    River Jammers

    Square Dance step 2

    as part of DEASIL project Square Dance
    in collaboration with Barry Whistler Gallery

    Opening Reception Thursday April 12, 3-5:30pm
    at Barry Whistler Gallery
    315 Cole Street, #120
    Dallas, TX 75207


  • News Fall 2017

    How Now Snarly Yow
    Opens October 7th and runs through fall/winter 2017

    Eugene Binder Gallery

    218 N Highland Ave. Marfa, Texas
    P.O. Box 1632 Marfa, TX 79843-1632


    Look out for my work in New American Paintings #132
    On newsstands October 2017

    Alum of UTdallas Exhibition
    opens at U T Dallas SP/N Gallery
    October 1 - with a reception October 1, 4 - 7 pm

    3020 Steward Drive,
    Richardson TX 75080

  • backlog updates:

    Higher Love
    Opens March 9th and runs through April 15 2017
    There will be a gallery talk with Christina Rees and I on Saturday March 11th at 1 pm.

    Art Palace Gallery

    3913 MAIN STREET
    HOUSTON, TX 77002


    If you are at VOLTA- Art Palace with artist Deborah Roberts is featured in the special section "Your body is a battleground" Curated by Wendy Vogle

    February 2016

    Central Features


    514 Central Ave SW, #2,
    Albuquerque, NM 87102

    "Abstraction: A Visual Language"
    runs 6/12 - 7/31 2015

    Rhona Hoffman Gallery
    118 N. Peoria St
    Chicago IL 60607


    This fall, look for my work in New American Paintings #120 !

    Art Palace Gallery
    February 20 to March 27th

    was chosen #1 pick on Glasstire- week of March 5

    and reviewed in Arts and Culture Magazine by Charisse Pearlina Weston Here:

    There is also a nice catalog made by Art Palace on occasion of the exhibition, with an essay by Nancy Zastudil.

    The small exhibition, "Pickle and the Summer of Rainbows" at Pacific Exhibits was selected as a top 5 show in 2014 by Claude Smith on the New American Painting Blog:


    "my little dust"
    Inpost Artspace
    opens September 5-Oct 31st

    and a small installation at
    Pacific Exhibits

    both curated by the awesome Nancy Zastudil

  • A Conversation with Art Pena and New American Paintings


    I really love talking with Arthur Pena, and our conversation regarding love and painting was published on the New American Paintings Blog this morning.

  • Art Palace: TO EACH THEIR OWN


    Opens January 17th at
    Art Palace


    Come by for a drink and a sneak peak!

    Thursday, Jan 9th (6-8:30pm)
    The Viewing Room
    1619 Cesar Chavez
    Austin TX

    Mike Beradino
    Elaine Bradford
    The Bridge Club
    Jeffrey Dell
    Nathan Green
    Charlie Morris
    Jim Nolan
    Linda Post
    Barry Stone
    Raychael Stine
    Kyle Young
    Eric Zimmerman

  • "A little ways away from everywhere" at Art Palace

    "A little ways away from everywhere" is up at Art Palace Gallery in Houston until December 21, 2013.


    I am so excited about the show and we have been receiving some great press:




    And stay tuned for more....

    I will post images of the exhibition soon, but for now you can see images of new work on the Art Palace website.

  • Fall 2013

    Some things coming up:

    "Dig a Hole Forever"

    Eugene Binder Gallery
    218 Highland St Marfa, TX 79843
    (432) 729-3900


    Opens October 12 and will run through the fall and early winter--
    Come out during Chinati Weekend and play


    "Object, Object!"
    A show of small works (with TONS of great artists included)

    opens November 16th at

    Helmuth Projects
    1827 5th Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92101


    Also- as of August- I am newly appointed Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of New Mexico Department of Art and Art History.

    (I am a professor, ya'll)


    Hello Albuquerque. You are beautiful. I am happy.

    One last thing:

    Images from "carry on daisies"at Jekyll and Hyde in Chicago back in June
    are now up on the site,

    and from "Same Roof" at the Safe Room Gallery in Dallas, Texas-
    A two person exhibition with my partner Titus O'Brien, that was up through July.

  • Miami Project

    If you are going to Miami next week (December4-9) you can find my work along with other extra great work by Bret Slater, Jay Shinn and Wayne White (among others) at Miami Project in the Marty Walker Gallery booth 205.



  • Fall 2012

    I am currently an artist in residence at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.- September 6th through December 1st.

    It is an amazing place-
    check out the website for Art Talk dates, podcasts, video's, Auction information, and Open Studio announcements. We will be having one November 10th.

    "Hounds of Love"
    opens at Marty Walker Gallery in Dallas, Texas
    October 13th.
    more info to come.

  • Happy New Year!

    It is a new year, and new things are happening!

    If you are in Marfa, please stop by and see "Five Points West", a group exhibition at Eugene Binder Gallery with Cassandra Emswiler, Michelle Mackey, Lisa Nersessova, and Hillary Holsonback.


    In March, I will be included in "Looking at Animals" at Gallery 219 at Eastfield College in Dallas, Texas. The show is curated by Director Iris Bechtol and will include Trish Igo and Jill O'Brien, Allison Hunter, Buster Graybill and Jules Buck Jones.

    Brand 10 Art Space in Fort Worth Texas is planning a group show, "Midnight Garden", That is curated by Christine Bisetto, in August.


    Finally, in the upcoming year, tentatively fall, Marty Walker and I are devising plans for a solo show in her gallery that should be a blast to make happen. I am very excited to be working with her.


  • Whipper-in at Eugene Binder- Marfa Texas through summer

    Hi all,

    I have a show at Eugene Binder in Marfa that will be up until mid summer.
    I will update my site when I have a chance, it is long overdue,
    Check out Eugene's Website under "current exhibiton" for shots of the show and to read the wonderful essay he put together.